Our Technology Stack

As a leading Ruby development company in Bangladesh, we work with the best and modern technology available in the market. We understand that technologies can play a vital role for your project in terms of rich functionality, features and quality. Syftet works with a wide range of tools including Bundler, Thor, Rake, Active Support, mime-types and multi_json. These tools allow Syftet to create a highly secured and fast application for you.

Ruby is one of the fastest growing technologies in the field thanks to its flexibility, functionality and resources. We take advantage of its rich features including APIs, complementary modules and Extensive Ruby Gems library. All these features have enabled us to create reliable business enterprise solutions.


Web Apps

We develop web portals with rich features and functionality so that your clients find it comfortable to use. We ensure stability, responsiveness and smooth functionality for the maximum output.

RoR Web Applications

We leverage all the features of Ruby on Rails framework to create web applications which will have excellents features with reliable codes on both ends - frontends and backends. Our dedicated Engineers will ensure a user-friendly user interface.

Rails CMS Development

Our team at Syftet is highly experienced in using RoR technology for CMS development. We always make sure you have a high quality and smart design and your web portal is easy to work with.


RoR Enterprise Applications

Our team is experienced in using RoR for enterprise applications. Your website will work across all devices and platforms. We will ensure your Enterprise applications have smooth functionality.


Our Ruby on Rails team has developed many eCommerce sites which are very predictable and easy to work with. With rich features and functionality, your customers will have an excellent shopping experience .

RoR Porting and Migration

If you are thinking of modifying and changing your existing product and convert it into a high quality and great functionable web app, you can seek help from our experts who will guide and support you to build web applications or desktop applications by Ruby on Rails.


Ruby is one of the fastest growing technologies thanks to its rich features and functionality. Its sophisticated features have helped its users to develop web applications with more secured codes. RubyGems library empowers you to create your enterprise solutions based on your needs and our experts are fully dedicated to take advantage of all its features.



Our dedicated team works with all clients interested in building their project with Ruby on Rails. Syftet has more than six years experience in developing web applications and enterprise solutions. We have always maintained a high quality service to all our customers thanks to our expertise in Ruby on Rails. We have gained extensive knowledge on Ruby on Rails and with that we ensure flawless communication and efficiency in your tool.

  • Work at any scale: No matter what your project size is. Our team is ready to help and guide you to finish it off before deadlines.
  • Direct Control: Either you want us to help your existing project or we can create a new software for you. You can directly control your project progress directly with our assistance.
  • Price Advantage: We provide the best rate when it comes to software development in Bangladesh. We ensure quality service but with an affordable fee.
  • High quality and Rich technical expertise: We prioritize quality and talented software Engineers. Our team is full of expertise . While junior developers have 3+ years experience, our senior engineers have 10+ years experience in this field.
  • Scalable teams: We can minimize and increase the size of our team based on your requirement. We employ our resources depending on need. You can pay only what you want to pay.
  • Mature infrastructure and Management process: Our management is highly qualified and we ensure consistent support. Our experienced team members can collaborate with your project for an effective outcome.
  • Flexibility: We don’t rely on a specific set of tools. Our team is ready to integrate any new tools that will make your software much more effective.
  • Quick hiring process and Zero cost: We’ve built dedicated teams in years, but you can hire them instantly with no extra cost.

Let's work Together

We are very excited to work with you and deal with your new project. We will never leave waiting hours after hours for a simple email. Our staff will reply to you back as soon as they receive your inquiry. At Syftet, you will find everything very comfortable.