Custom Applications Development

We customise and design applications based on your demand for automation, collaboration, and unification. A highly motivated and talented team is always committed to build powerful software tools with a view to growing your business up. We are eagerly waiting to receive all your demands and requirements and render them in a powerful tool.


Our team of experts in software development are greatly innovative and know how to build a product from scratch. We focus on building up high quality tools with minimum charge, thus greatly reducing your cost. We highly encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any inquiry about your product. Please be noted that our product is highly cost-effective and efficient to deal with clients.

Enterprise Application Integration

Our EAI process unites all the databases and workflows related to business applications in order to use information consistently. Our team of experts overcome all kinds of integration challenges associated with microservices, APIs, data processing, workspaces, and portals. Enterprise Application integration will make your communication with clients smoother.

Legacy Application Modernization

We understand that an application being outdated can cause many difficulties for your business including being more vulnerable to ransomware attacks, malware and data breaches. Therefore, our team of experts can’t wait to have a deep analysis and run a number of examinations to find out the best possible solution, thus boosting overall productivity.


Welcome to Australia

Welcome to Australia is basically a Visa Management Apps where all the international students can avail the facility of going abroad for study. All they have to do is prepare their papers and documents for the corresponding application purpose. In this application a student can find all essential...

  • Team Size: 2 Developers
  • Technologies: Ruby, RoR
  • Project Duration: 1 Year and 3 Months

Lobster Tail Seafood

Lobstartail Seafood is an E-commerce site. On this site anyone can buy or order any seafood item. Lobstartail Seafood focused on providing an excellent customers’ satisfaction & complete automobile solution & providing genuine branded products. We have kept all the arrangement of all modern equip...

  • Team Size: 2 Developers
  • Technologies: Ruby, RoR
  • Project Duration: 1 Year and 3 Months


Having the best team in the IT department in Bangladesh has always given us the edge to start off a project brilliantly. Our team of experts can start with a coffee-stained napkin and develop it to the most complex custom enterprise solution. We are proud to announce that our team has innate characteristics to recognise a potential of a tool and then make it into reality. Our team will always support you with the latest updates and tools.

Contact Us

We are just a click away from you. Send us a message with your inquiry and our team will reach out to you in 24 hours.

We Shape Your Idea

Our team just needs a little bit of hints. Share your ideas with us and let us give them a life. With your collaboration, Our team of Business analysis conducts research and envision your project.

Executing Legal Part

We sit together with our clients and present possible products and all its terms, and expected delivery time. We make a contractual agreement before signing the document by both parties.

Project Mapping And Management

In this part, we design the project with its specifications and features and plan the possible deadline for the project. Our team of experts organises all the necessary project development processes.

Launch, Support And Update

After the consensual agreements, our team of experts commence working on the project development and keep you updated with information, demos and features of the software solution. Once the project is done, we help our client set up the project and run a number of tests. If there is any further support needed, our customer care service is always available.


We are fully committed to bring out the best possible design with regular communication with our clients. We welcome the collaboration from our client. We prioritise in regular communication, instructions given by the client and rendering the best output. We always remain transparent to our clients and value their projects.

Quality - We believe in quality. Our team of experts employs manual QA and QA applications in order to develop top quality custom software solutions for our clients.

Low-Risk Agile Methodology - Our experience with latest technology enables us to develop risk-free enterprise solutions for our clients. The strategy and Methodology we follow are quite unique and based on success. We are open to adapt to any changes and requirements demanded by clients to avert any complexity.

Deep Analysis - Our team of business Analysts inspects your business and requirements to a great extent before deciding and mapping the final project. We focus on building your entire ecosystem with zero flaws.

Intellectual Property Security — We acknowledge that your idea is the core part of your project and it is unique, therefore should be safeguarded from all malware and fake claims. Our process and legal documentations are created to ensure the complete ownership and rights of all the codebase and development assets.


We understand that existing off-the-shelf products may not address the full needs of your company and smooth workflow is vital for your business success. An upgraded version of your current software can deal with such problems. Considering this fact, we offer customized software solutions, which are also cost-effective,for our clients.


You pay us only once and there is no hidden charge for our support. As soon as you become our clients, you never need to worry about license fees or sharing revenue with anyone. We cover everything for you.

Quick and Responsive Support

Our team of experts are very quick to respond to your query and deal with any problems you face with your enterprise solution. We value your time and business and so our team fixes any issues as soon as possible

New Features and Functionality

We understand that you have some ideas and want some features to be included in your solutions and so we customize your tool according to your demand and requirement. You get exactly what you need in order to boost the functionality of your business process.

Reasonable Development Cost

Ultimately most clients look for opportunities to build their enterprise solution with an affordable fee and we understand this. Our product development cost is much lower than what is available on the market. We implement, integrate and develop a new product with an absolutely reasonable fee that you can, ofcourse, compare with other software development companies in Bangladesh.

Let's work Together

You aren’t alone! We will be always with you throughout your business journey. We would highly recommend you to send your ideas to us. Our team of experts will shortly reach out to you and arrange a meeting with you at your convenient time. You would be glad to know that we possess excellent communication skills and value our clients’s time. We can’t wait to work with you.