We are a well-known software development company in Bangladesh. Our professional team builds desktop applications from scratch that can play a ground-breaking role at your company. The applications we build have rich functionality and user-friendly interface.Our team is devoted to upgrade your legacy solutions, develop custom middleware for the connectivity of your enterprise applications which will increase the functionality of your business process.


We have a team of experts who are highly experienced in building up desktop applications for various platforms. With us, you are safe as we have highly professional developers, architects, UX/UI specialists, engineers and Quality analysts to make your project real. Feel free to contact us and see your inquiry answered in 24 hours.


Our team of research and development can build a project from scratch with their innovative ideas and knowledge of modern technological solutions. We always research and develop new products for our clients. If you think you have an idea which needs further research and development, you are highly encouraged to contact us because we have great achievements in sophisticated desktop solutions.


An old and outdated desktop software can restrict productivity and reduce the customer’s retention rate due to poor performance, difficulty and security issues. We are specialized in developing a new modern and efficient tool from scratch and our team can modernize your existing tool. If you are thinking of keeping your favourite software, but want to improve its performance, you are highly recommended to contact us.


If you are thinking of making your application available to Windows users, Microsoft Store is the perfect choice. Syftet has years of experience in developing UWP applications from scratch. We also can convert your existing software solution into UWP format to make it work in all windows compatible devices.


It is of importance to transfer data properly and keep the workflow in IT enterprises. Syftet has expertise in distributing data properly and in performing complex integration. We are aware of the fact that distribution and integration will make your business process much more smoother and effective as a single system.


In order to ensure better connectivity and functionality among different platforms, we offer API development service for the existing software solutions. Our expertise in API development will improve the functionality of your business tool. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our API Development and we will be happy to assist you.


My Welcome App

My welcome app is an admin based application. It is a project that allows you to perform all the services of your organization with privacy and caution. You can find out who is coming to your organization and who is going. It also has an attendance and report system. It also has some essential features like Contractor, Department, Messages, Billings, Company, POI list and many more. MY WELCOME APP is not only simple to set up, but also It is extremely convenient to use: Alongside it offers sp...

  • Team Size: 2 Developers
  • Technologies: Ruby, RoR, Android, Bootstrap, Angular
  • Project Duration: 11 Months
My Welcome App


We are very professional and develop desktop software using all the latest tools. We believe that desktop software can be heavily reliable , enrich functionality and come with heavy security and therefore, many clients prefer to use desktop applications. Our experts have years of experience in using the latest programming tools for the development of desktop applications which come with a lot of quality features.


Our experts are highly experienced in building custom middleware for both application to application integration and integration of web-based platforms.

Syftet combines the deep OS architecture knowledge and skills required to leverage all advantages of the desktop applications for your business. Our software engineering team has the experience to create the custom middleware that solves the most complex challenges of the enterprise IT infrastructure related to the data and workflows sharing across different systems.
Syftet uses the combination of the deep OS architecture knowledge and skills necessary to maximise the advantage of desktop application for your enterprise. Our highly professional engineers has expertise in developing customized middleware that will .


With years of experience in desktop software development for a multitude of industries ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, energy and education, we have gained expertise in the field needed to accomplish your project successfully. Our team is dedicated to design and produce your desktop solution.


Syftet is the software company in Bangladesh which has helped a vast number of clients to successfully run their business with the latest desktop solution. Our main priority is to help enterprises to bring out the real-time data so that they can be analysed and rectified if necessary for the smooth workflow.


We understand that healthcare organizations demand the best software solution for their data is very sensitive and important. Our experts are always sincere and make the best effort to come up with the best solution that works well with healthcare service. We can be your best reliable solution without any doubt.


We are aware that education tools need some special features in order to facilitate learners' efforts. Our special team has experiences to build desktop applications for education that fulfill all the demands necessary to make the learning environment easier and friendlier. Ultra modern speech recognition allows users to use their voice for communication.


Our team of experts uses their expertise in order to develop custom firmware for industrial automation systems. You can use our desktop software for the maximum control of your manufacturing equipment and process, thus minimizing the number of failures to almost zero manufacturing products and in automation systems.


Syftet is specialised at developing custom desktop software solutions for your business process management which will include all the features available to maximize the effectiveness of communication. Our applications cover all the features whether you need paper documents, data recognition or record transfer between web-based software and desktop applications.

ISVs &

Our desktop application development services offer all types of support for software vendors to research and develop boxed software products. We will be your trusted company in your journey to launch and produce your new products as we will be always there when you need improvement in your software or any maintenance.


Full-Cycle of The Services

Syftet has a reputation for its services as we provide service when you are thinking of building very complex desktop software solutions. Our service continues from start to finish and even as long as you run your business with our software. The most notable services we offer are product requirement analysis, UI/UX, development, testing, post-lunch support, and updates.

High Quality For Lower Price

Bangladesh is becoming one of the leading countries in the IT sector as we have a good number of IT firms. However, we can assure you that we offer service with at least 30% lower fee than those in Bangladesh. This will allow you to save a good amount of money which can be used for marketing, getting new features or different projects.

Agile Methodologies

We practice and rely on Agile for any new projects. Our team focuses on researching solutions and developing solutions by collaborative efforts. Our experienced managers and Scrum master will take up your project systematically which will fulfil your requirements, goals and milestones.

Highly-Skilled Developers

With years of hands-on experiences in developing software for almost all platforms in the field, our expertise is able to design and code the most able software which will boost your business process. Our team is capable of crafting the most compelling applications that you can easily maintain with the minimum knowledge.

Let's work Together

Our customer service team is available 24/7 for your service. We are just one click away from you. Let us know your idea and what you want us to develop. We will be very glad to support you. We take every project sincerely . You will never find us late in replying to your inquiry or never wait days for emails. We prioritise instant communication. We can’t wait to work with